Embed mols2grid to web page #mols2grid #RDKit #webapp

I often use flask for my web app development because the package is light weight web framework and easy to write. BTW rendering molecules as grid image is easy in jupyter notebook by using RDKit’s Draw.MolsToGridImage function. And also recently developed package named mols2grid is really cool for rendering molecules on jupyter notebook. mols2grid generaetesContinue reading “Embed mols2grid to web page #mols2grid #RDKit #webapp”

Draw molecules on jupyter notebook #RDKit #mols2grid

As you know, jupyter-notebook (or lab) is not only powerful but also useful tool for chemoinformatics. And I can’t do any chemonformatics tasks without RDKit. RDKit has many useful tools of course rdkit can render high quality molecules on jupyter notebook. Today I would like to share new tool for rendering molecules on jupter notebook.Continue reading “Draw molecules on jupyter notebook #RDKit #mols2grid”