Machine learning workflow tool for none programmer #memo #machinelearning #dss

I’m on summer vacation. This summer is high temperature and humidity….. So it is tough for me to running. ;-( And now very big typhoon is coming to Japan. Oops… Let’s leave that aside for now. Today I would like to introduce very cool tool for machine learning. Recently we can use many machine learningContinue reading “Machine learning workflow tool for none programmer #memo #machinelearning #dss”

Make virtual machine for chemoinformatics #RDKit

Recently stable version of docker for mac is released. It’s good news for me. ;-) I used boot2docker before but, now I switched docker for mac. Because it’s easy to install and share the file with host OS. Of course, I installed docker for mac ! Virtual machine is one of useful way toContinue reading “Make virtual machine for chemoinformatics #RDKit”