Draw molecules on jupyter notebook #RDKit #mols2grid

As you know, jupyter-notebook (or lab) is not only powerful but also useful tool for chemoinformatics.

And I can’t do any chemonformatics tasks without RDKit. RDKit has many useful tools of course rdkit can render high quality molecules on jupyter notebook. Today I would like to share new tool for rendering molecules on jupter notebook. The package name is ‘mols2grid’. ;) The url is below.


You can install mols2grid with pip command.

$ pip install mols2grid

mols2grid can render molecules from rdkit molecules object, SDF and pandas dataframe.

And the object can retain selected molecules. The image is shown below.

example image

I think it’s useful for ad hoc analysis or filtering molecules with visual inspection.

Thank for developing such kinds of nice open source package. I really appreciate it.

And I uploaded today’s code on to my gist. ;)

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