Useful experimental method for removing solvent #memo #organic_synthesis

There are many kinds of solvents are used in organic synthesis. Such as THF, Et2O, EtOAc, DCM, DMF, DMSO and water etc. etc…. Most of solvent can be easily removed by using rotary evaporator. When I was bench chemist, I like the solvent which has low boiling point. Because it is easy to remove. TheContinue reading “Useful experimental method for removing solvent #memo #organic_synthesis”

New fluolination reaction from JACS #memo #organicchemistry

Trifuloromethylation is useful reaction in drug discovery. Because CF3 and other fluorinated substituent are often used in drug like molecules. It is also useful that the reaction can conduct in asymmetric manner. I read interesting article in JACS today published by Trost’s group. The URL of the article is below. You can see abstract withoutContinue reading “New fluolination reaction from JACS #memo #organicchemistry”

Efficient site-selective functionalization with TFT #organic_synthesis #organic_chemistry #memo

There are many new functionalization reactions of molecules in these days such as electrochemistry, photo-redox and cross-coupling etc. New reaction will give more choices for synthetic route. Chemists often use cross coupling or another functinalyzation reactions, but these reactions are required foothold such asAr- halogen or ArOTf groups. And the reaction precursor is synthesized byContinue reading “Efficient site-selective functionalization with TFT #organic_synthesis #organic_chemistry #memo”

Recent trends of Flow Chemistry #memo #chemistry #technology

I enjoyed reading the article in my lunch break. Researchers at Abbie published nice review about the flow chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry. The URL is below. The review describes wide range of the flow chemistry from large scale synthesis to lab scale synthesis. Flow chemistry can run the reaction under high temperature andContinue reading “Recent trends of Flow Chemistry #memo #chemistry #technology”

New scalable Flow photo Chemistry Platform New Flow Chemistry Platform #photochemistry #flowchemistry

Recently visible light used organic reaction is attractive area for me. Because it can make difficult bond in short steps under mild reaction conditions.But scale up is difficult because key factor of photo reaction is light. It means photo absorbance is important and so it is difficult to scale up. One approach is Plug FlowContinue reading “New scalable Flow photo Chemistry Platform New Flow Chemistry Platform #photochemistry #flowchemistry”

(new?) medchem tool box for compound synthesis

This mini perspective shows recent progress of the direct C-H alkylation with Alkyl Sulfinates. There are many heterocyclic moieties such as pyridine, pyrrole etc. in drug like molecules. The C-H alkylation reaction of heterocycles is useful but difficult to conduct it under mild reaction conditions. So mild and universal reaction is very attractive forContinue reading “(new?) medchem tool box for compound synthesis”

New finding of the Chan-Lam coupling

Copper catalyzed boronic acids and OH or NH containing reaction is called Chan-Lam reaction. The reaction often perform in mild conditions under oxygen atmosphere. Yes I have used the reaction to synthesize my target compound. But always yield was moderate and depends on steric effect. Today I found useful article that is reported by researchersContinue reading “New finding of the Chan-Lam coupling”