Admin portal about MongoDB

I use mongodb to make MMP-DB. MongoDB is noSQL, and flexible database program. Also I use postgresSQL. PostgresSQL has pgAdmin to provide adminportal for administrator. It’s useful for me. I wonder if I could use Adminportal in mongDB too. I searched web, and I found it. You know, mongo-exporess is one of the app thatContinue reading “Admin portal about MongoDB”

Draw Molecular Matched Pair as SVG.

Somedays ago, I posted drawing molecule as SVG using RDKit. It works fine. So, I challenged draw MMP as SVG. My plan is … 1. Generate MMP using RDKit. 2. Store MMP data to MongoDB. 3. Provide MMP data to user using flask. 4. Draw structure on the fly using Ajax. OK, Let start! StepContinue reading “Draw Molecular Matched Pair as SVG.”