Make pptx file from Python #chemoinformatics #memo #python-pptx

I hope all reader enjoying chemoinformatics ;)Unfortunately I’m struggling to make PPTX file in this year. So I can’t have enought time to coding. But It’s same for medicinal chemists. Because they often make presentation slide for project team, theier boss, senior etc…. They transfer SAR data from spread sheet to pptx. Sometime it seemsContinue reading “Make pptx file from Python #chemoinformatics #memo #python-pptx”

convert structure to ppt

I wrote some web apps that gets some data from Database and make table in pptx. Because, I want use my time about research not making pptx. The script uses python-pptx library. Medicinal chemist needs not only data but also structures in pptx, but I couldn’t embed structures in pptx files. I don’t have enoughContinue reading “convert structure to ppt”