Look Back at 2021 #diary

I’m writing the post on the Shinkansen. Counting from 2020, we’re still in the COVID-19 pandemic. My life style is dramatically changed before / after the pandemic. But still continuing the blog ;)

Here is the access log of the site. There are more unique visitors (deep blue bars) in 2021 compared to the last yea. Thanks for visiting the site.

I enjoyed this year. Some of them are listed below ;)

  1. I had knee surgery in this January and couldn’t do running till September. But from September, I started running and finally I did total 500 km running in this year ;) I would like to challenge 1500km run per year in the next year. Strava is nice application for motivating me.
  2. I could learn new skill set for CADD, for example cloud computing etc… ;) But couldn’t have opportunities for external presentations. It’s important to keep the balance of input and output I think. I would like to try output my activity in next year.
  3. I started to learn C++, Rust and Nim. Learning new languages (for me) is fun. In particular RDKit supports C++ so I should keep learning C++. Please let me know if reader knows more exciting programming languages for chemoinformatics.
  4. I amazed the progress of in silico drug design approach, which is called as AI drug discovery. Few years ago lots of article about ‘AI drug discovery’ shows only examples of de-novo compound generation with deep learning technique. However recent publications describe not only de-novo compound generation but also in-vitro (in-vivo) assay results. As reader know that in-silico medicine announced that they initiate First-in-Human Study of ISM001-055. ISM001-055 is a potentially first-in-class small molecule inhibitor of a novel biological target discovered by Pharma.AI, Insilico Medicine’s end-to-end AI-powered drug discovery platform. I’m interested in the story of the molecule and progress of the project. Any way, computer aided drug discovery technology is good partner of human.

This will be the last post of this year. Thanks for reading.

I want to wish you and your family a safe, beautiful and happy New Year.


Published by iwatobipen

I'm medicinal chemist in mid size of pharmaceutical company. I love chemoinfo, cording, organic synthesis, my family.

4 thoughts on “Look Back at 2021 #diary

  1. First positive comment on AI drug discovery by Derek Lowe. Let’s see what he reports on AstraZeneca + BenevolentAI going after the same two indications since April 2019. Should be very interesting.

  2. Cheers for your posts, always worth a read :-)! Yep, keep up the running, sometimes I also fall behind, due to injury or lack of motivation, but it’s important to just start again!

    As for point 2. above, “I would like to try output my activity in next year.”, may I invite you to present at the Cambridge Cheminformatics Meeting at some stage? I know, UK time zone is quite unsuitable to Japan time (1am!), but we can also do a recording if you wish, or we schedule an earlier seminar one of the days, please just let me know (or as a proper hacker you go to bed pretty late anyway, I don’t know ;-)!.

    All the best and keep up your blog! Andreas

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