Admin portal about MongoDB

I use mongodb to make MMP-DB.
MongoDB is noSQL, and flexible database program.
Also I use postgresSQL. PostgresSQL has pgAdmin to provide adminportal for administrator.
It’s useful for me.
I wonder if I could use Adminportal in mongDB too.
I searched web, and I found it.
You know, mongo-exporess is one of the app that I want.
Mongo-express can get from npm.
So, It’s easy to use it.
At first install from npm using follwing command.

iwatobipen$ npm install mongo-express

Then copy config.default.js to config.js
And run the app.js.
( Before run the script, I ran mongo server. )

iwatobipen$ mongod --dbpath=./data/db/
iwatobipen$ cp python3env/node_modules/mongo-express/config.default.js python3env/node_modules/mongo-express/config.js
iwatobipen$ cd python3env/node_modules/mongo-express/ && node app.js
Mongo Express server listening on port 8081 at
Database connected!

Now access localhost 8081, I got admin portal view.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.37.38 PM
User can download data as json format.
Works fine♫ ;-)