Call RDKit from Rust with conda env #RDKit #Rust #Chemoinformatics

I introduced rdkit-sys which is wrapper of rdkit for rust. The package development is ongoing so code is chaged frequentry. To use the package, user need to build rdkit with static link ON option. Build rdkit-sys with static link (.a) is efficient way for portability of the code however it means that it’s difficult toContinue reading “Call RDKit from Rust with conda env #RDKit #Rust #Chemoinformatics”


Run python script in html_file #memo #cording

I wrote lots of chemoinformatics apps as web app. To do that I often use Flask / Django. It’s python packge so most of part can be written in python however it’s difficult to embed python directry in html document. Recently I found cool package for embedding python code in html, it’s name is pyscript.Continue reading “Run python script in html_file #memo #cording”