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I heard many exciting presentation at virtual meeting of ‘3rd RSC-BMCS / RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry’. And I had interest about MDFP (molecular dynamics Finger Print).

MDFP can analyze molecular flexibility and solvent accessible surface are (SASA) etc. They are important parameters for permeability, p-gp and other molecular properties. In the following article combination of ECFP-MDFP showed good performance for predicting p-gp substrate classification task.

So I would like to test MDFP. Fortunately the code is an open source and can get from github. To use mdfp some packages should be installed before.

$ git clone
$ cd mlddec
$ pip install -e .
$ cd ../
$ git clone
$ cd mdfptools
$ pip install -e .

mlddec is the package which predicts atomic pertial charges with machine learning method. More details are described here.

Of course, rdkit is required!!!! ;) (or open eye TK)

For testing, I tried to use solubility data in RDKit install dir, but MD calculation on my PC is too heavy… So I pasted an example to get a mdfp from one molecule.

By using mdfptools, the required parameters can be calculated from SMILES, but stereo chemistry should be assigned before calculation, so I defined simple (but not good) function to generate 3D information to the given molecules.

OK, let’s go to an example code. It is little but long to write on the page, so I uploaded the code on my gist.

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To apply mdfp against real projects, there are lots of space to improve for 3D conformation generation task. And also more GPU and CPU power is required to handle lots of molecules.

The example described in the post, MD simulation was performed by openmm but mdfptools can use not only openmm but also GROMACS as MD engine.

Original repository shows some examples and scripts for getting MDFP with GROMACS.

The calculation cost is high compared to calculate ECFP etc. but this approach seems very interesting and useful for improve performance of many predictive models.


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