Handling solid-containing photochemical reactions #memo #organic_chemistry

Happy new year! This is the first post of 2020. ;-)
End of the last year I found some interesting articles and this is one of them. The URL is below.

This research describes new reaction device of photohemical reactions. As you know, photochemical reaction is useful for not only organic chemistry but also medicinal chemistry. Because it can be able to make sp3-sp3, sp2-sp3 and C-N bond efficiently. However it is difficult to conduct the reaction which requires insoluble reagents and/or generates insoluble materials during the reaction. Clogging is major problem of flow chemistry, so heterogeneous reaction is challenging chemistry.

To solve the issue, the author developed new continuous stirred-tank reactor(CSTR) cascade. Fig2 in the article shows image of the reactor. They placed slurry pump on top of the reactor to use gravity for efficient slurry pumping.

And they analyzed residence time of two CSTR which has different reactor diameter.

At first their trial of Ni-Ir catalyzed cross coupling showed low yield with long residence time even if they found that yield correlates residence time in pre-study.

But finally the author optimized reaction condition and achieved compatible yield to batch reaction! The reaction solvent is key factor.

In summary they developed new CSTR platform for handling heterogeneous photochemical reaction in flow.

I surprised that I found one of the author in article of artificial intelligence. I think it’s an ideal research style. I love wet and dry combination of chemistry!