Look Back at 2019

I’ve started the blog site from Aug. 2012. So it took over 7 years. And in this year I could get many access and comments, thanks so much. For example number of site visitors and page views are 1.5 times greater than last year.

Following KPT is just memorandum for myself .

Keep. Keep output my own activity it’s important for having fruitful discussions with any other researchers I think.

  1. I could have chances to contribute py4chemoinformatics which is a thin book for chemoinformatics and psikit which is thin wrapper for psi4. English version of py4chemoifinformatics can be found @joofio’s repository. Thank joofio for making a great contribution to Japanese <=> English translation.
  2. I could participate RDKit UGM 2019 and could get many comments about my blog post from other participants. It is a great honor for me. ;)
  3. Now I’m writing my blog post in English. It’s hard to write post in English for me but I’m going to keep it most of the posts.
  4. I started 30-60 min Running two or three times a week for my health.


  1. Tsundoku (a Japanese term). Tsundoku means acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in my home without reading them. In this year I bought many books about programming, statistics and printed many articles about medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry and process chemistry… I’m trying to reduce tsundoku in the winter vacation.
  2. Write code without test. I made many problems in coding because I didn’t do Test Driven Development.


  1. Improve drug discovery project process with combination of medicinal and computational chemistry.
  2. Contribute open source software development.
  3. Contribute mishima.syk, which is great community of chemo and bio informatics.
  4. Change myself. ‘It’s easy to change myself compared to change others!’

I want to wish you and your family a beautiful and happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Look Back at 2019

  1. Thank you For your many posts. I have started toi follow your posts at the end of this year and i’m grateful of you. You contribute to make me better than i was when i started working as data scientist in health domain. Thank you so much for your clean explanation of the codes and some theories of chemoinformatics. I hope 2020 will be great and happy year for you and your family. Please keep on producing many other interesting examples as you did during previous years.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. It is a great honor for me.
      Sure I would like to keep my blog site.
      Hope you will have a great new year!

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