Call psi4 from web app! #Psi4 #QuantumChemistry

Psi4 is a python package for quantum chemistry. I like it. Native psi4 has some difficulties for preparing input file. So psikit is useful I think. And I think webmo is useful package for calling psi4. I’ve always been interested webmo. So I tried to use it today.
Basic function of webmo is provided free licence.

At first I registered webmo for getting licence code.

After registration, I could get webmo download link, licence number, and password.

Second, I installed several packages with apt command.

apt install apache2 apache2-suexec-custom libcgi-pm-perl

Then create directory structure.

$ cd ~
$ mkdir public_html
$ chmod 755 public_html
$ cd public_html
$ mkdir cgi-bin
$ chmod 755 cgi-bin
$ exit
Start apache
# a2enmod userdir
# a2enmod suexec
# a2enmod cgid
# service apache2 start

Then eddit /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.conf, to enable cgi script.

        UserDir public_html
        UserDir disabled root

                AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes
                Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch IncludesNoExec ExecCGI #ExecCGI added
                AddHAndler cgi-script .cgi #Added
                Require method GET POST OPTIONS

Then restart apache ;)

# service apache2 restart

Then install webmo with perl script.

$ tar xzf
$ cd WebMO.install
$ perl

Now ready, after restarting apache, I could access local webmo HP via web browser. Default setting is username is admin, password is blank.

After login as admin, system asked to change admin password. So I changed and the create user for calling Psi4.

sample URL is below

You can get more details about installation is following URL.

Then from admin top page, I set psi4 as quantum chemistry engine. Click interface tab, change psi4 from disable to enable. Then click edit button and set path for psi4 execution.

Tips, If reader installed psi4 via conda, the path schould be ‘/home/***/anaconda/envs/yourenv’. In the case, psi4 path is /home/***/anaconda/envs/yourenv/bin/psi4. bin/psi4 should not be included setting path!!!

After completing the configuration, I made user for QM calculation and login the system as a user.

Making input file is very easy, import file or draw molecule with implemented molecular editor. I used editor for the test.

After drawing the molecule, minimize energy and symmetrize(if possible) is done from selecting upper menu bar. It’s very easy isn’t it?

Then set job options which defines calculation method, basis function, reference and several QM related options. Also the setting can do from GUI.

After setting the options, input data can check from preview tab.

All setting is done, click submit job to run the calculation.

Following screenshot shows water as an example because benzoic acid required looooooooooooooong calculation time in my hobby PC.

Result can see jobmanager. I calculated water molecule vibration. So I could see calculated IR values and spectra.

The spectrum is not so accurate, the reason is that I used low level basis set I think.

Of course psi4 raw output file can download from webserver.

With free charge licence, it is not able to draw MO. But with commercial licence, rendering MO of molecule is available.

WebMO is very useful tool for education, and wet researchers. Because it is easy to use and rich GUI.

If reader who has interested in WebMO, try it! ;)


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