Move your Building Block shelf from internal to external! #memo #journal #medchem

When I try to build compound library with parallel chemistry, collecting the Building Blocks and weighting is very time consuming part. And also it will take long time if the required building blocks are not available in internal reagent shelf.

There are some services are provided from reagent vendors which they weights reagents and delivers them. It seems very efficient.

Researchers in Pfizer and MiliporeSigma reported their strategy named Quick Building Blocks(QBB) in ACS MedChem letters.

They designed the strategy because recent vendors has lots of attractive BBs and it is still expanding.

They named the strategy ‘Just-in-time’ purchasing model. They selected vendor which meet their defined criteria listed table1. The criteria has weight custom BB quantities of course. It means that chemists don’t need to do inventory control and can purchase BB for library size/scale.

Table2 shows the shipping metrics of the model for 2016-2018.

In the case of US to US, it took 4 days, and Us to Asia, it took 6-6.5 days.

How do you feel? I think it good if hundreds or more BBs which are weighted delivered in 4 days.

And also BBs usage, properties and any other data can retrieve and analyze.

The data will show trend of reagent usage across the project. It seems interesting.

Many part of drug discovery is replaced externally. What is the core part of pharmaceutical company ?

I’m always thinking about it…


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