Golden Week, 10-day holiday

Golden Week is a series of four national holidays that take place within one week at the end of April to the beginning of May each year. In this year I can get 10-day holiday. My kid is belonging to dodgeball team now and 5 days are practice game or tournament game…. Too busy ;) I could not have enough time for coding… On the game day, he has to get up early he has to get up 05:30 or 04:50 AM.

Of corse I need to get up early too because I will referee.

Dodgeball game is very speedy, match time is only 5 min for one set. And most of game is one set mach except for final game.

The ball speed of ace attacker is very fast. For top level team, it will be 80km/hr or more.

My kid is third grade of elementary school however he catches ball. And he really enjoys each game.

Practice is hard but he is growing up more and more except study….

Anyway I am happy that he can find something he would like to do and enjoys. Tomorrow there is final tournament in the holiday and we will get up 04:15 AM. I need go to bed ASAP.


Published by iwatobipen

I'm medicinal chemist in mid size of pharmaceutical company. I love chemoinfo, cording, organic synthesis, my family.

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