Cryo-EM data analysis with deep learning #arXiv

Recently number of publications with cryo-EM is growing. And also number of data storage is growing.
From EMDB,
I could get following statistics.

And now, Cryo-EM is collecting a lot of attention in drug discovery area because the method has possibility of determination for difficult targets that can not accessible to X-ray analysis. I’m not sure about cryo-EM but have interest the technology.

One of the challenges is molecular model building. For Cryo-EM, 2D projection images need to convert volumetric data and model the atomic coordinates of each amino acid. The modeling process is still time consuming step.

Today I found exciting article.
The authors developed new approach for molecular modeling named ‘A2-Net’ which is used Neural network (3D convolutional network) and MCTS.

Neural network is used in step one, which determines the 3D coordinates of atoms in each amino acid. And MCTS is used in step two, which prune the candidate amino acids in main chain.

It is interesting for me that, first step of A2 net is prediction of amino acids category and their coordinates from the volumetric data!

After getting the proposal, they used 3D stacked hourglass network for further pose estimation. Then MCTS is used.

Finally their method is outperform to ROSETTA-denovo.

The article indicates that Deep learning is powerful method for 3D detection. I would like to learn 3D detection and Cryo-EM.


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