Look Back at 2018

I started the blog site from Aug. 2012 and changed main language from Japanese to English from 2014. After changing the language, I can find access from many foreign countries. Number of visitors are increasing year by year. In 2018, number of site visitors and page views are two times greater than last year. @_@

2018 is very nice year for me. There were many events.

First, I had opportunity to participate RDKit UGM 2018 held in Cambridge. I could enjoy not only discussion with many RDKitters and Greg who is developer of RDKit but also nice dinner and beautiful scenery of UK.
And I participated Hackathon in the UGM. It was precious time for me.
Recently there are many articles which use Deep Learning/AI for Drug Discovery. The main part of chemoinformatics engine of these articles is RDKit in most cases. And good news for RDKitter in Japan is that there are many site which describes about RDKit in Japanese. RDKit is Army Knife of Chemoinformatics.
I hope I can participate in the UGM next year. ;-)

Second, I could have many chances to present about our computational chemistry team activity at outside company. It was exciting experience for me and I could get many useful feedbacks and comments from audiences. And luckily, I got a poster award at a conference. Thankful for my team!!!
Main topics of my presentation was AI and medchem. My opinion was also posted ‘Souyaku AC 2018‘(in Japanese). The post got the highest views in this year.
Recently there are many AI drug discovery startup companies. In Japan, I often see the word ‘AI創薬’ (=AI Drug Discovery) in news paper, press releases and web page etc etc. I feel some publications overhype. Because in my opinion, most of current AI system can generate new candidate of molecules but can not design new candidate of molecules.
Finally I found a survey in JPMA site about “the application of AI in Pharmaceutical companies in Japan”.
Hmm…. It is difficult to comment in this post.
There is no doubt that AI is helpful for drug discovery research but still developing. I need to keep eyes open for the research area. And check the progress of technologies.

Third, I got Class C license of dodge ball(Ha ha ha). I played dodge ball when I was young but official rule is quite different. And the speed of ball is very fast even if the players are Elementary school students. For example, the speed of a my kid pitched ball is 60~67 km/h. He is seven years old.
The game is exiting and speedy like this….
So it is exiting but difficult to judge for me.

Etc, etc….. I could really enjoy this year. Thankful for my family, friend, team member.

Now I am studying several programming language such as ruby, haskell and quantum chemistry, mathematics and physics. I have to keep going.

I hope I can enjoy next year.

 Finally, I want to wish you and your family a beautiful and happy New Year. 

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