Read maestro format file from RDKit

RDKitter knows that Schrodinger contributes RDKit I think. Schrodinger provides many computational tools for drug discovery, that is not only GUI tool but also python API. Many tool can call from python and also RDKit. And RDKit can read maestro file vise versa. It is easy to do it like reading SDFiles. I amContinue reading “Read maestro format file from RDKit”

Run rdkit and deep learning on Google Colab! #RDKit

If you can not use GPU on your PC, it is worth to know that you can use GPU and/or TPU on google colab. Now you can use google colab no fee. So, I would like to use rdkit on google colab and run deep learning on the app. Today I tried it. At firstContinue reading “Run rdkit and deep learning on Google Colab! #RDKit”