Expand opportunity to accessing new building blocks

Building Block(BB) is key part of medicinal chemistry. Advances in science medicinal chemists can have opportunity to access novel BBs and they do not consider how to make BBs these days.
In my personal opinion, unique BB will be the strong point of the their company. So medchem need to pay a lot of effort to designing and synthesis of new BB. In particular we often introduce fluorine atom to improve target potency, ADMET and physchem properties of molecule however introduction of fluorine atom in the desired position of the molecule is difficult. It is worth if there are lots of commercial available fluorinated BBs.

By the way, recently risk sharing model such as HTS library sharing, collaborative research model is spreading idea among pharmaceutical companies.
I found new approach reported from pfizer.
Here is an effort of pfizer.
The article is focused on fluorinated BB. The authors developed cross-pharma vendor buying group. The Buying group seek a single vendor, purchase BB from the vendor.

The pros of the model is that the group company can access novel, unpublished 1g of BBs with effective cost and have opportunity to discuss nature, concept of new BBs. This system is not fully exclusive but has 6 months advantage before publication.

It can not only reduce the cost of accessing BB but also can reduce the accessibility of complex fluorinated BBs.

Joint purchase model seems work well for same scale size of big pharma I think. I would like to know that whether dose the system work well for mid- small- size of pharma.


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