inter and intra reaction handling in RDKit #RDKit

RDKit can handle reaction. Enumeration of many molecules with template reaction and building blocks are useful for library generation.
Recently I have a question about how to handle intramolecular reactions with RDKit such as micro cyclization etc.
In the case of amidation reaction that is often used for drug synthesis SMARTS query is below.
The query is inter molecular reaction in RDKit. A + B => C. So this query can not apply to intramolecular reaction such like a “OC(=O)CCCCN => C(=O)1CCCCN1”
In the RDKit, intramolecular reaction query is represented by including reactants in parentheses.
You can found in the document.

By the way how to distinguish between intra and inter reaction in my code?🤔

I propose simple solution, multiple SMILES is handled as one mol object and perform reaction and then separate it.
OK my english is difficult to understand, let’s go to code.

In the blog post, I wrote an example for amidation.

from rdkit import Chem
from rdkit.Chem import rdChemReactions
from rdkit.Chem import AllChem
from rdkit.Chem.Draw import IPythonConsole
from rdkit.Chem import Draw

# define intra and inter molecular reaction
intra_rxn = AllChem.ReactionFromSmarts('([C:1][C:2](=[O:6])[O:3].[N:4][C:5])>>[C:1][C:2](=[O:6])[N:4][C:5]')
inter_rxn = AllChem.ReactionFromSmarts('[C:1][C:2](=[O:6])[O:3].[N:4][C:5]>>[C:1][C:2](=[O:6])[N:4][C:5]')

# basic acid / amine
acid = Chem.MolFromSmiles('CC(=O)O')
amine = Chem.MolFromSmiles('NC')
# intramolecular
aminoacid =  Chem.MolFromSmiles('N(C)CCC(O)CC(=O)O')

# two molecules in one mol object!
combmol = Chem.MolFromSmiles("CC(=O)O.N1CCC(C)1")

In the case of A + B => C is below

inter_rxn.RunReactants([acid, amine])[0][0]

In this case reaction seems good. By the way, in case of intra reaction is below.

# Intra reaction can not represent with inter molecular reactoin query

But intra SMIRKS query works fine.

#inra moleclar query works fine

Next run the reaction with one mol object in two molecules and intra molecular reaction object.

# paired molecular object also works but reactant two molecules is handled as one object

Finally combined molecules are separated with Sep_mol function. The function convert molecule to SMILES and split by ‘.’ then transforms SMILES to molecules.

def sepMol(mol):
    smi_list = Chem.MolToSmiles(mol).split('.')
    mols = [ Chem.MolFromSmiles(smi) for smi in smi_list]
    return mols
ms = sepMol(combmol)
# out

I tried the function only amidation and do not know whether the method is efficient or not.
Any comment or advice is appreciated.

All my code can check from following URL.


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2 thoughts on “inter and intra reaction handling in RDKit #RDKit

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment! Nice catch! ps2 is not defined and I fixed my code.
      There is no particular reason that I do not use GetMolFrags method for this problem. I have never used the method before. I’ll try to use GetMoFrags. :-D
      I appreciate your kind suggestion.

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