Business trip to India

I visited India this week and I came back to Japan today. When I went to Narita Air Port day before departure, the weather chill came to Japan and trains were disrupted due to a snow. The Bus from Air port to hotel was also stacked so I went to hotel by walk. It was hard to me to go to air port and hotel…

I was surprised in my flight. The window is a bit strange. This window has no curtain but has button. And when I pushed the button window color is changed!!!

I found movie in youtube.

Amazing! What’s happen ??? I searched internet and found answer.
The window system is developed by GENTEX, named “Electrochromic technology”.
This technology uses electrochromic gel that is sandwiched between thin panels. And the gel changes color by passing electronic current. Chem station also describes the technology and the site estimates the material is WO3. Because WO3 is colorless at neutral state but it turned blue when it is cationic state. Also inorganic material is durable compared to organic material.
Science! Science! Science! ;-)

Of course I enjoyed Indian traditional food curry, masara dosa, biriyani and tandoori chicken etc….

And I got Torkoal which is regional exclusive Pokemon in my free time. ;-)


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