Cool web based data analytical platform

Yesterday, I enjoyed mishima.syk#9. ;-) I hope all participants also enjoyed the meeting.
BTY, I found cool platform for data analysis, named “Superset”.
You can see cool review in
If reader who want to install superset, it is very easy.
For example in MacOS. Only use pip !

# Install superset
pip install superset
# Create an admin user
fabmanager create-admin --app superset
# Initialize the database
superset db upgrade
# Load some data to play with
superset load_examples
# Create default roles and permissions
superset init
# Start the web server on port 8088
superset runserver -p 8088
# To start a development web server, use the -d switch
# superset runserver -d

Now you can access localhost:8088.

The web app can easily connect database via SQLalchemy. So, I connect local ChEMBL DB for test.
Configuration is very simple. I used pyscopg2
And push the test connection, I got list of tables.

Next, I tried to retrieve data from chembldb and visualize it. To do it, I wrote SQL query from SQLLab.
SQL Lab return the results interactively! Coool.
Test SQL is follwing.

SELECT molregno, mw_freebase, alogp, psa, ro3_pass
FROM public.compound_properties

Then made dashboard, push the visualize button and set parameters. I used bubble chart for plot alogp vs mw.
I worked fine!
bubble chart
Also users can make many type of visualization from their own dataset. Including bar chart, sankey diagram, pie chart, line chart…. ( I did not try the visualizations. )

dash board

It is surprising for me, there are many nice open source tools. Javascript and python is good partner I think. ;-D

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