Visualizing the process of lead optimization

Some time we set milestones to management of portfolio, or/and to check the progeress of projects.
These data were reported document, power point slides etc, so it’s difficult to grasp situation of LO timely.
Researchers at GSK published a solution of visualize LO process.
It was impressive for me.
Link is here.

They called “LO telemetry” that shows time course of total risk of compounds.
Total risk is calculated based on potency of each target, ADME, Tox and physchem profiles.
Ideally, total risk will decreased progress of project. But, there are a lot of problems in drug discovery project (at least for me! ;-) ).
Fig5 shows one of the example.
The figure shows progress of lead optimization and design entropy(chemical diversity).
Design entropy is suddenly increased because of Tox problems. PhysChem prop risk slightly increased also.
To avoid tox problem(adverse effect) chemist think about change of chemical series or dynamic change of structure. It risk to loss of potency, but Fig 5 shows there strategy keep row score of pharmacological risk.

The paper reported that LO project team can check the telemetry. It tells team about bottlenecks and progress of there project.
Also the system can use portfolio management.
It useful to decision make, motivate the team.
On the other hand, the telemetry provides a vivid description of each projects.
How do you think about metrics of Lead Optimization.


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