Is CyTOF new technology ?

In some projects, pharmacologists showed me FACS data set.
It’s useful to analyse cell response.
I have not measured FACS by myself (I’m chemist…), so I didn’t understand details.

Ala F. Nassar et al. published exciting review ( for me ) in DDT.
About ‘mass’ cytometry. The link is following.

I searched CyTOF as key word in google and the result indicated that CyTOF technology is not so new maybe.., but I did not know the technology.

CyTOF analyses individual cells labeled with metal isotopes using TOF ICPMS technology instead of fluorescence dye.

In table1, feature of CyTOF is summarised.
CyTOF has more throughput and information than FACS but it can’t analyse living cell.

The author described.
CyTOF can be used for assessing the immunotoxicology of a candidate drug by evaluating the immunophenotype of various cell populations in whole blood, tissue, or other matrices. In addition,
it can be used to assess pharmacodynamic (PD) markers of interest for further elucidation of
on- or off-target effects.


There are lots of players(cytokines) in immunology or oncology disease area, so I think the technology is interesting.

Lots of data can get very short time. Data analyse is more important part in drug discovery…



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