Importance of communication

I often think about how to Importance of communicate with bench chemist and computational chemist.
Sometime, in my situation, communication tools are limited because of skills, tool license, or any other reasons.
For example, comp. chemist presented us using MOE but bench chemists often use PyMol so data translation is required. And spotfire is difficult for some chemists because of data preparation.
Another example, synthetic chemistry is difficult for computational chemists.

If we have a lots of tools to communication, it’s more problematic situation because we have to understand how to use them.

Researchers in NIBR are developed cool platform to solve these problems.
Link is following url.
The platform named FOCUS manage design and analyse cycle.

The story of FOCUS development was interesting for me because they use subversion and jenkins for automated global deployment process.
It’s means agile development is effective for global system development.

The system seems to user friendly and high functionality.
They did not only develop the system but also train the users. I think key to success is user training, because this is the most important but difficult step. They did it.

It is an exciting report for me.



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