review for kinetics

I found nice review about kinetics of drug binding and residence time.

To improve in vitro, in vivo potency, I some time try to get SKR for designing molecule.
If I got correlation only residence time and lipophilicity or molecular weight, the information is not so good.
Because too liphophilic or heavy molecule is not so drug like.
So, I’m thinking about what is the best way to using kinetic data.
In this review, there are some example about how to use kinetic data for molecular design.

I was interested in Table1, because there are a lot of examples that are using SPR for kinetic data analysis.
Sometime I think analysis of kinetic using SPR is difficult because of instability of target protein or another factor but lots of success stories are. Hmm.

SKR is attractive for me as same as SAR, but rational design of molecule using kinetic data is still challenging area for me.



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