Data Analysis for HTS

I was interested in the feature.

High-throughput Screening is one of the starting point of drug discovery project.
Sometime huge amount of compounds are tested for some target.
More than thousands of data, concentration-response data, inhibition percent, etc. are produced.
Does Med-Chem analyse HTS data ?
In my case it depends on the situation …..

BTW, it is still challenging for analysing these data.

In figure1 shows some response curves for cases with one asymptote and two asymptotes.
I think it’s important that the lower Emax case showed very poor repeatability.
To select hit compound, I have to check not only one point data i.e.AC50, but also dose response curve.

Manual inspection for selecting active compound is time consuming, computational approach is useful.
The auther showed some approach resampling (fewer bootstraps I did not know the approach, I’ll check the ref. ASAP. 😉 )

Now we can get more and more data in a very short period.
To make a quick and right decision, I need more deep understating about statistics and science.
If reader is medchem, how do you think it ?



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