make html slide.

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create beautiful documentation. I like it.
This tool can make not only document but also presentation.
Today I made a sample presentation using sphinx extension “hieroglyph“.
It can install by using pip or easy_install.
And to start a new presentation, only typing hieroglyph-quickstart.

$ easy_install hieroglyph
$ hieroglyph-quickstart

Then write your own presentation in index.rst.
Examples are…..

 Presentation Title

First Slide

Some content on the first slide.

Second Slide

* A
* Bulleted
* List

Show Bullets Incrementally

.. rst-class:: build

- Adding the ``build`` class to a container
- To incrementally show its contents
- Remember that *Sphinx* maps the basic ``class`` directive to

.. slide:: Warning!
   :level: 2
   :class: red-slide
   :inline-contents: True

   This error can occur when:

   * Microwaving metal
   * Leaving the gas on
   * Using a frayed electrical cord


* I love penguin!

.. figure:: /_static/peng.jpeg

Section Title

some content

.. nextslide::

* 日本語

* 追加のコメント

.. nextslide::

* some example of python

.. code-block:: python

   import pandas as pd

.. nextslide::

* conclusion

.. note::

   * Make sure to mention the important background story for
     this slide.

Then, type following command.

$ make slides

Finally I got sample presentation.
This presentation can tail view push ‘t’.
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 9.11.27 PM
I uploaded github.
Nice! 😉


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