Compound Library in Europe

I read a perspective in DDT today.
The title was “The Joint European Compound Library: boosting precompetitive research”.
Link is following url.

The Joint European Compound Library (JECL) is a key component of the IMI European Lead Factory (ELF) and brings together over 321 000 high-quality, drug-like and lead-like compounds from the in-house collections of seven large pharmaceutical companies into a single screening collection.
I’m interested in this sentence, because JECL has pharmaceutical companies compound sets.

In Japan, JPMA leads a compound library project last year, but the selection was limited in commercially available compounds.
This point is quite different.

And author analysed library set.
Some results were very attractive for me.
At first, each companies compound sets are not so similar, means low overlap between each large compound collections.
It’s indicated that library designer think different, even if they think about focused library against same target.
I think concept of library is important. Why you make the collection? Medicinal chemist have chance not only design of library but also synthesize compound lib. I love this point. ;-)

And second, I think molecular properties of this collection is good starting point for drug discovery.
Median of molwt is c.a.300-350.
Fraction of sp3 is 0.3-0.4.
And any other properties are reported fig1.

I think this strategy is good for drug discovery. How do you think ?


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