Cloud Computing in Drug Discovery.

Recently, we can get more and more data in very short time.
So, medicinal chemist need to analyse data set more rapidly and decide that what make next.
I think CADD is one of the answer to solve the problem. But to analyse big data, we need much more time and resource… Today, I read interesting paper.
Scaling Predictive Modeling in Drug Development with Cloud Computing
The author reported that they made ligand-based modeling on cloud computing resources and run on the Amazon Elastic Cloud.
They build QSPR predicting model about in house logP using AWS.
I think that this approach is nice idea because using cloud computing, there is no need for maintenance and initial investment cost.
Some time, senior management worry about security policy, but I think it is not problem.
Also, the author said in this paper …
In drug development the data security aspects cannot be
ignored, and using an external cloud provider requires a well-
designed security policy as well as the use of encrypted data
transfer with adequate authentication/authorization.

I agree the opinion.
I think cloud computing is powerful and useful method in drug discovery. 😉
How do you think about cloud computing ?



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