ggplot with spotfire

ggplot2 is nice tool for visualise data in R.
TIBCO Spotfire does not have density plot function.
So, I implemented density plot in spotfire.
I did it using RinR function and ggplot2.

* This is simple sample.
In spotfire data function, I wrote following…

outPNG <-RGraph(
             data =c("idx","inTable"), display=FALSE,

“idx” is column name which you want plot
In Spotfire’s input tab, I set “inTable” is table(data that using visualisation), and set “idx” is column name ( to make density plot ).
Then in output tab, I set “outPNG” is value.
Make text area and insert property binary label named “outPNG “.
All preparation is done.

Run the script.
In text area, density plot will apper.
I can’t upload screenshot, because I post the blog from my personal PC. ;-)


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