Make graph with python

Visualization of data is very important.
Some years ago, I was interested in cytoscape to visualize molecular network (a.k.a. similarity, MMP, etc.).
But it was difficult to integrate python script.
Today, I found cool python library “d3py”.
It can get from github ;-). “
This library can make any graphs easy like ggplot, vincent and also can make network using networkx.
I found good example.
Code is following….

import d3py
import networkx as nx
p = d3py.NetworkXFigure(G, name="graph", width="200",height="200")
p = d3py.NetworkXFigure(G, name="graph", width=200,height=200)
p += d3py.ForceLayout()
p.css['.node'] = {'fill':'blue', 'stroke': 'magenta'

type commnad, or run the script, local server was started and you can get intaractive graph.

That’s nice.
So, How about make mmp network using this library and supply data for MedChem ?
Node measns each molecule, and edge means transform.It was very easy to coding.

I think it was very interesting, but for other chemist Hmm :-( .

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I'm medicinal chemist in mid size of pharmaceutical company. I love chemoinfo, cording, organic synthesis, my family.

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